Out of the Past

KINONIK Presents

~ Kinonoir ~

Jacques Tourneur’s OUT OF THE PAST starring Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer MAY 13, 2019, 7 PM

Director Jacques Tourneur’s pitch perfect take on the past catching up with a conflicted “hero” is a top-tier noir. Trying to keep a low profile as a mechanic, compromised P.I. Jeff (a world-weary, heavy-lidded Robert Mitchum) has his cover blown. His past double-cross of a heavy comes back to haunt him as Whit (a smoothly menacing Kirk Douglas) makes him an offer he can’t confuse. As the source of Jeff’s initial temptation, Jane Greer’s Kathie is a defining femme fatale. RKO’s stellar technicians were at the top of their game in producing a big-budget “A” level film in a landscape of the usual “B” crime pictures. Nicholas Musuraca’s dark photography puts the finishing touch on this definitive noir. While the past coming back to haunt is a familiar plotline (A History of Violence being a recent effort), few, if any, films have handled the plotline as deftly. Essential. May 13 at 7 PM. $8.