Boston historian says Jim Curley, on which Frank Skeffington is based, supported immigrants in his day

By October 7, 2019Uncategorized

Edwin O’Connor’s and therefore Spencer Tracey’s Frank Skeffington is based on James Michael Curley. Gerald Burke, historian and businessman (Burke co-owns Doyle’s Cafe in Jamaica Plain) says Curley acted “to raise the stature and living conditions of those who came in the great waves of migration of his day” at a time when they were discriminated against by Boston’s white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, and that Curley today “would be in the forefront in assuring equality for all the newer” immigrants. Kinonik is co-sponsoring the screening of THE LAST HURRAH (1958) with the Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization. Unlike our other screenings this film will be shown as a digital projection. 10/7 at 7 PM at St. Lawrence Arts.