Poster for John Ford's The Informer

Kinonik Presents

John Ford’s The Informer

October 22, 2018

Portland’s own John Ford (born John Feeney) directs THE INFORMER (1935), a grim look at the savage underbelly of the Troubles. There are no winners in this tale of “justice” in difficult times. Victor McLaglen plays Gypo Nolan who, on the brink of starvation, informs on a friend, an IRA member. Despised by the Black and Tans and hunted by the IRA, Gypo desperately descends into darkness as the walls close in. Yes. John Ford famously said, “I’m John Ford –– I make westerns.” However, he also made films about Ireland that displayed deep understanding and compassion. A rich film that explores the complexities of the Judas myth. Oct. 22, 7 P.M., St. Lawrence Arts. $8.